The supplement industry must cater towards muslims

The supplement industry is run by a few large conglomerates who do not put the muslim customer at the forefront of their efforts. They care about profit over experience & they do not want to spend the extra amount it costs to source halal ingredients.

It’s 2024, as a muslim you shouldn’t need to go to 3 different places to buy your protein, collagen and omega 3’s. The vision for sunna supplements is to be a 1 stop shop where you can get your halal supplements.

Why are we starting with bovine collagen?
Not only is bovine collagen one of the best supplements you can take, it is also one of the most difficult products to find for muslims. The overwhelming majority of bovine collagen on the market is Haram and we want to bring awareness to this which is why it is the product we have launched first.

Why thousands of customers start their day with Sunna Supplements?

Sunna supplements is perfect if...

You want glowing skin
You want increased energy
You want healthier hair and nails
You want reduced joint, bone and muscle pain

Why Sunna Supplements?

Mix with anything
Enjoy with just about anything you like.
100% Halal
As a Muslim owned brand, we are on a mission to make Halal Supplements mainstream
Fast results
See results within 2-4 weeks

Our creative customer reviews

review 5 stars

Rated 4.9/5 from 1039 reviews

“I’m so impressed 😍”
review 5 stars
"I have been having the collagen from Sunna Supplements for the last few weeks and there is a noticeable difference in my skin! I am so impressed"
“Essential part of my training 💪”
review 5 stars
"When I found out that collagen was the most prominent protein in the body I knew that I had to check it out for myself. I lift heavy and this has a big impact on my joints, collagen has been an essential part of my training"
“Thicker hair 🤯”
review 5 stars
“I can honestly say that this product has made a massive difference to my hair! It is so much thicker and more full and I've also noticed less joint and muscle aches”
“Massive game changer”
review 5 stars
I used to always have an afternoon slump whenever I was working. Since taking my sunna supplements consistently I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and focus

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Our Bovine Collagen is not suitable for vegetarians, as bovine originates from cow.

Our Bovine Collagen is 100% Halal.

If you have a beef allergy, the bovine collagen is not suitable for you.

Our Bovine Collagen is safe to take whilst pregnant! We always advise consulting a medical professional before taking any supplements.

Mix with water, coffee juice or mango lassi! Whatever you choose :)