why this 23 year old launched the uk's 1st halal supplement brand

Where it all started

Being born and raised in a predominantly Muslim area of Blackburn, Hamza was always accustomed to having no difficulty in finding Halal food.

At the age of 17 he moved to a predominantly non muslim area of Oxford and realised that finding Halal food was becoming challenging.

As he reached 18 years old and started going to the gym, he was stunned at the fact that no supplement brand existed that had been made primarily with Muslims in mind.

It was always his mission to ensure that he brought about positive change and created something to help Muslims.

5 years on, Sunna Supplements was born and has been taking social media by storm.

The 1st product launched is Halal Collagen Protein, as this is something that many of the large supplement brands do not offer in a Halal capacity.

Collagen makes up 1/3rd of the protein found in our body

- more than any other type of protein.
As we grow older our collagen production starts to decrease at an astonishing rate

The body experiences:

Aches and Pains
Less Elastic Skin
Weaker Nails
Joint Pain

How does Sunna Supplements Compare To The Competition?
How does Sunna Supplements Compare To The Competition?
type I & Type 3
collagen peptides
Grass Fed
Fat Free
8/9 Essential Amino Acids
Longer & Stronger Hair
Stop unnecesary hair thinning, promote new hair growth, & see stronger & longer healthier hair.
Glowing Skin
Boost your skins elasticity & improve complexion, smoothen out wrinkles and minimise the appearance of stretch marks & scars!
Reduced Joint, Bone, & Muscle Pain
Alleviate nagging joint & muscle pain, inflammation and improve overall bone health and flexibility - you won't just look young again, you'll actually feel it!
Stronger Nails
Drastically promote rapid nail growth as well as strengthen & thicken thin, brittle nails!
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I'm So impressed
"I have been having the collagen from Sunna Supplements for the last few weeks and there is a noticeable difference in my skin! I am so impressed"
- Tanya
Essential part of my training
"When I found out that collagen was the most prominent protein in the body I knew that I had to check it out for myself. I lift heavy and this has a big impact on my joints, collagen has been an essential part of my training"
- Danyaal
"I can honestly say that this product has made a massive difference to my hair! It is so much thicker and more full and I've also noticed less joint and muscle aches"
- Rila


1 scoop of Sunna Supplements formula contains 10g of the highest quality Type I Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Peptides.Type I collagen helps maintain the health and structure of skin, hair, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and organs. Rest assured each serving contains 0g of sugar, 0 carbs, and is only 35 calories!

As a Muslim Owned Brand it is extremely important to us to only offer Halal Products, Halal means permissable in Arabic, the bovine (cow) we source our collagen from is 100% Halal.

per serving
per serving
per serving
per serving


If you don't like our products for any reason, send it back within 30 Days for a refund no questions asked!

3 month bundle offer expires soon

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Erase Your Signs of Aging for under £1 a Day!

Sunna collagen protein
1 Month Supply
(£1 Per Serving)
Sunna collagen protein
3 Month Supply
(£0.75 Per Serving)


We offer FREE shipping for all orders placed in the UK.

Orders typically take 1-3 business days to be delivered.

Tracking information is provided via email.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email support@sunnasupplements.com

Results may vary but results can be seen as early as 2 to 4 weeks.

If you don't like our product for any reason or don't think the product is working for you, you can send it back to us for a refund within 30 days of delivery! No questions asked!

We love it with coffee, orange or apple juice and in cereal.

It is honestly your choice, the reason we chose unflavoured is so that you can mix it with the things you already like without the collagen affecting the taste of your faviourite juices, coffee or smoothies!

None whatsoever!

We advise 1 scoop per day. Consistency is what is importany, ensure that you take 1 scoop every single day and you should start to see results within a few weeks :)

No, the collagen is derived from Bovine (cow) and is therefore not suitable for vegetarians.

The collagen is 100% Halal.