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This Small Muslim Owned Company Challenged the Supplement Industry With a Product That Took Social Media by Storm & Sold out 6 Times in a Row

Hamza Hanif launches Halal Supplement brand after being frustrated at the lack of focus & attention towards Muslims in the supplement industry

Supplement industry giants were missing something...

Hamza, an entrepreneur born in Blackburn, struggled with thinning hair since childhood. His confidence and feeling of self-worth went on a downward spiral due to always needing to wear a cap. It wasn't long before he was mocked and bullied at school for his receding hairline.

After years of insecurity, he set out to find a solution to his problems. This decision led him to discover something way bigger than he ever hoped for - a breakthrough not just for himself but for over 10,000 Muslims in the UK.

During his journey to achieving thicker hair, Hamza met other people with different challenges. Especially South Asians like himself. He noticed they were all also very susceptible to thinning hair. They tried multiple products with very mixed and usually non-lasting results. This cost them frustration and lots of money.

It seemed that the big brands were pushing customers more and more products, many of which contained synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients.

This is when he discovered the building block to healthy hair - collagen

Hamza realised that a lack of collagen was leading to several challenges.

This is when he, along with a team of scientists, created a halal collagen product that would soon revolutionise the supplement industry and challenge the industry giant's status quo.

After just 6 weeks the collagen will bring out your hair's natural shine, strenghten your hair and give you back that youthful feel you once had.

"For years I’ve been struggling with thinning hair. I honestly just gave up. Nothing worked and if it did my hair would very quickly thin out again. The collagen has been a lifesaver. It’s a simple addition to my morning coffee that I can do in under 5 minutes and it fits right into my usual routine. The results I’ve seen are incredible. Patiently waiting for the restock date!”

Customers love Sunna Supplements so much it sold out 6x in a row!

When Hamza first launched Sunna Supplements, he was told there was "no point in competing in the supplement industry" and that the competition was "too big"

Hamza always had faith in the fact that Muslims will always support one another and he couldn't expect that 10,000+ customers would scoop up the collagen so quickly.

Because of this constantly increasing demand and many people inquiring for multiple bags at a time, the team at Sunna Supplements has now decided to offer:

Limited Time Deal…..Save 25%

Each bag normally costs £25, with this limited time offer you can claim 3 bags for £56.25

That means you get £75 worth of collagen for only £56.25

Limited Time Deal…Save 25%

Can Skincare Be THIS Effective... And Natural?

The collagen already has dozens of 5-star reviews and more keep flowing in every week!

Unlike most big brands in the supplement industry, Sunna Supplements is all for transparency and provides customers with the full ingredients list.

  • Sunna Supplements is 100% Halal

    The products are 100% natural

    Free from preservatives

    Highest quality type 1 & type 3 bovine collagen peptides

    30 day money back guarantee